Today’s spotlight is Little Chief from Fayetteville, Arkansas. Because of their very specific branding, Little Chief has placed multiple synch deals through GoDIY Records. Two of our favorite placements are with Goodgame Studios and Wellness Natural Pet Food, links inserted for your viewing pleasure.

At GoDIY Records, it is easiest to place artists when they are great musicians who thrive within their own niche. Not only is Little Chief a talented and ever developing band, but they also know who they are.

Born in the Ozark Mountains, the 5-man outfit remains true to their roots without ostracizing  listeners who never crossed the Mississippi.  Their music reconciles cozy Americana with urban skylines. They touch on nostalgia while propelling us forward with a hopeful and wholesome energy.

Like the old adage about roots and wings, Little Chief crosses boundaries without being “too folk” or “too southern.” They have opened for Matt Wertz, Judah and the Lion, and others. Their growing fan base refers to themselves as “the Tribe” answering the most basic human need– a sense of belonging.

Currently, the band is working on a follow-record and claim it’s the best music they written. At GoDIY Records, we look forward to taking part in more synch placements for Little Chief, especially if their claim is true. Either way, we sense this is just the beginning for our Ozark friends.

To join “the Tribe,” listen here:

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